We Manufacture Commercial LED Lighting With Advanced Solar Spectral Technology to Improve Your Research Outcomes

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Allowing them to tune the colour of light to
grow smarter. repeat tests. measure better. improve quality. maximize yield. test solar cells. characterize materials.

G2V Optics pushes the limits of spectra-changing illumination with advanced, responsive, software-controlled wavelength control – ideal for research horticulture, materials testing, extraterrestrial solar radiation needs, testing solar PV cells, and anywhere spectra precision matters.

Translation: We build the most advanced commercial LED lights on the market. Our ground-breaking light technology can do everything from telling plants to grow bigger, faster, and tastier on Earth, to testing satellite solar cells heading to outer space.

Enabling some of the most innovative Solar Cell Researchers. Vertical Farmers. Materials Scientists. Cannabis Cultivators. Plant Researchers.

Whether it’s for one of our standard products or a complex and completely custom illumination systems, we work closely with our customers and partners to ensure our technology delivers to improve their outcomes, finding, and business value.

Horticulture Lighting.

G2V perihelion indoor cultivation platform leverages the power of software-controlled spectra with accurate plant data capturing to maximize yield for the most advanced growers.

Solar Simulation.

G2V produces two solar simulators, both are research-grade class AAA, LED solar simulators built for high accuracy and precise uniformity. The pico is our small area solar simulator and the sunbrick is our large area simulator.

Knowledge Base.

We want to make sure that our customers have access to resources that help them understand more about the products we offer.  Visit the knowledge base to learn more about LED illumination, Class AAA standards, Plant Photobiology and much more.