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Q: What does G2V Optics do?

A: Our core business is developing and building the most advanced commercial lights on the market. Our high-tech light technology can do everything from tell a plant to grow bigger, faster and tastier to mimicking certain seasons and different locations in the world. Our Engineered Sunlight™ technology can also test and perfect a variety of materials, including clothing or satellites headed for outer space.

Q: Who uses G2V Optics’ technology?

A: Our privately-owned business has partnered with some of the leading research institutions & commercial companies in the world to do everything from grow crops and test solar triggered materials. On the research side, G2V’s clients include leaders in aerospace, research centres and universities that use our technology to test and refine the performance of everything from photovoltaics to solar fuels to satellites.

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Dr. Michael Taschuk (CTO& Founder) & Ryan Tucker (CEO)

In spring 2020, G2V is introducing our latest, ‘next generation’ line of commercial horticultural lights that can help several sectors, including vertical farming and cannabis growers, use the most efficient and high-tech growing lights available in the world.

Q: Where is the company headquartered?

A: We’re located in Edmonton, Canada. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, a province located in western Canada. Edmonton is home to the University of Alberta, a world-class research post-secondary institution, and thriving artificial intelligence and agricultural communities.

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Q: Does G2V have an overall mission?

A: Yes, we believe that our advanced Engineered Sunlight™ technology can help address the food cliff — the looming food shortage facing the world.

By 2050, the planet will be home to more than 10 billion people. We currently don’t have enough land or resources that can meet the growing demand for food in the future. We’re confident our technology that can grow food — anywhere, any time using a smaller environmental footprint — will help address this future humanitarian crisis.

Q: What does ‘G2V’ mean?

A: G2V is a scientific classification for the sun, the star of hot plasma at the centre of our solar system.

Q: How large is the global commercial light industry?

A: It’s estimated that the commercial light industry generates more than $4-billion annually.

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In late 2019, G2V wrapped up our latest round of seed financing  that raised $1.4 million (USD). The financing was led by a group of angel investors via Radar Endeavour Group and joined by Accelerate II Fund (managed by Yaletown Partners with the support of The A100), Bluesky Equities, Ashif Mawji, Douglas Gray (NOM Investments), Dr. Ray Muzyka (ThresholdImpact), and Blaine LaBonte (DJI Capital).


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