Who We Are.

G2V Optics is a technology company founded on the idea of pushing the boundaries of optical technology to tackle really big problems. The journey started in 2013 at the National Institute of Nanotechnology and the University of Alberta where Dr. Michael Taschuk led a team to develop the variable spectra technology foundation which led to the pico solar simulator.

Quickly expanding into the horticulture lighting industry with the G2V perihelion, the team continues to utilize data-driven, scientific, collaborative design to pursue the best possible iteration of our products while maintaining value for our customers. 

With a continually expanding team, G2V looks towards the future to apply its core technology to the development of industry leading intelligent, automated illumination systems for research and cultivation. We’re always up for a conversation about ways to share and collaborate.

Meet the team

Mike Taschuk CTO PhD, P.Eng - G2V Optics Inc. - Horticulture Lighting | Solar Simulation | Data Science

Mike Taschuk

Founder & CTO

Dr. Taschuk is a renowned expert in optoelectronic systems, with 15 years’ experience managing multi-disciplinary teams to develop advanced lighting, electronics, and characterization systems including sensing and forensic techniques in collaboration with industry partners. He is the named inventor on several patents, author of a textbook, and has published over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Ryan Tucker CEO PhD, P.Eng - G2V Optics Inc. - Horticulture Lighting | Solar Simulation | Data Science

Ryan Tucker

Co-founder & CEO

Ryan has dedicated his career to technology commercialization and product development alongside firms including Philips Innovation Labs, Shell Aviation, and SOM Architecture in Canada and the Netherlands. His work has led to dozens of products scaled into volume manufacturing, multiple granted patents, and recognition from organizations including ASTech and the European Materials Research Society.

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Nazanin Shafiee

Sales & Marketing Lead

Nazanin comes with a diverse set of skills with her background as an entrepreneur, a process engineer and an instructor. She has nearly a decade of experience working with highly technical companies from their early start-up stages to a mature stage. Her mandate is to increase global awareness of technical capabilities and expand market reach by supporting customers to engineer elegant and efficient designs.

Malcom Bailey - G2V Optics Inc. - Horticulture Lighting | Solar Simulation | Data Science


project engineeR

Malcolm is a Mechanical E.I.T. and a project engineer here at G2V. With his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, he works to improve product manufacturing process and design.

Shandilya Vyas - G2V Optics Inc. - Horticulture Lighting | Solar Simulation | Data Science


Electronics Technologist

Shandilya is an Electronics and Communication Engineer with a strong passion for his work. He constructs and improves upon the manufacturing and developing of G2V Optics technologies.

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We’re always looking for passionate, and talented people to join our team. Get in touch!