Case Study

Case Study:

maximizing Uniformity for a Vertical Grower

Commercial growers deal with many systems and light is one of the most complex, especially in sole-source lighting situations like indoor and vertical farming. Whether you are an experienced grower looking to increase yield or a new business trying to maximize technology investment, expert lighting consultants solve specific technical problems and add value to your operation. The story of how we helped our client UrbanLeaf Farms is an example of one of the many ways we help our clients grow and thus grow their business.


UrbanLeaf Farms was a new Canadian vertical farming company, preparing to grow organic greens and food ingredients. They were committed to a technically advanced approach, with an interest in automation and precise control of their lighting. The company had access to three different types of grow lights and understood that uniformity was important for reliable growth, but they didn’t have the expertise to choose and layout their hardware for the best results. 

G2V Optics was engaged to characterize their lighting and determine the optimum arrangement to achieve UrbanLeaf’s goals.

the process

G2V’s team of engineers & scientists tackles the situation with a methodical, date-driven . approach. The three different light types were individually characterized for the spatial distribution of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR, the range of radiation wavelengths responsible for photosynthesis).

Measurements were taken at different heights above .a growing surface, resulting in a two-dimensional grid of data. This data was then used to create a mathematical model to simulate the illumination behaviour of individual lights.

Once the model has been constructed, it was possible to create a computer simulation of virtually any possible layout of UrbanLeaf’s system for each of the lighting types. using an optimization routine, G2V was able to provide the best configuration for lighting type and placement to achieve the highest level of uniformity. 

The result

urbanLeaf built out their facility according to G2V’s customized recommendations and has been benefiting from the value of their highly uniform food ingredient harvests ever since. 

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