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Engineered Sunlight for Accurate Testing Performance

You are manufacturing solar modules for homeowners and businesses around the world, engineering grid-connected photovoltaic power plants, or making solar-driven thermochemical fuel.

Your solar cells are ushering in a new beginning, a sustainable beginning.

In order to accomplish this new beginning you have to push efficiency gains, power production, and liaison with the R&D department to explore the next solar cell technology. This relationship to change the world all revolves around how close your solar simulator mirrors the sun’s natural light. Your progress should not be hampered by inaccurate light from dimming bulbs and lack of spectrum control from existing technology.

Your forward thinking shouldn’t be held back by your solar simulator

G2V was founded by engineers much like yourselves who want to change the world. That’s why we have created our line of solar simulators to be as forward-thinking as you. Our goal is to provide the best possible solar simulators, meaning more flexibility with tunable light channels for testing multi-junction applications, Class AAA spectral, spatial, and temporal matching and stability to assist in the most accurate testing, and partnership driven by exceptional customer service, you recommend we listen.

A solar panel on a solar panel manufacturing line on its way to testing

You’re building the future. We’ll provide the light.

Pivoting Production With Photovoltaic Developments to Bring the Best to Market

The world is constantly changing. The photovoltaic space is no different. 

Solar PV manufacturers are all investing time and money into discovering new technologies and improving existing ones to make a difference in the world. Even with the constant changing of information, the fundamentals are still… fundamental. This is why we created a photovoltaics article capturing the basics. Articles like these aim to have industry experts like you spending less time looking up the basic knowledge and more time expanding the body of knowledge.

Our comprehensive photovoltaics article looks at:

  • Context of Photovoltaics in the world
  • Photovoltaic cell theory
  • Economics of Silicon vs. other solar cell types
  • Best Testing Practices
  • Some of the latest photovoltaic research developments

Featured Innovations

Engineered sunlight as reliable as the sun

You’re changing the world. Your solar simulator’s light accuracy shouldn’t be holding you back. 

G2V Pico Solar Simulator On Desk Vertical With Computer Pico 5

Pico™ Class AAA Solar Simulator for solar PV manufacturing

There are times when large-scale solar simulators aren’t required. For those applications, we have the Pico™. This small-footprint product is best used for testing up to 25mm x 25mm areas.

Here are a few reasons why the Pico™ utilized in your small area labs will give you an edge in innovating faster than your competitors:

Real world light simulation for your real world solutions.


Sunbrick™ Class AAA Solar Simulator for solar PV manufacturing

Over the years, Standard PV cells have been increasing from M9 to M12 and beyond. With each increase, you need to ensure your existing solar simulator is equipped to handle the size jump without sacrificing quality.

The SunBrick™ by G2V optics takes that needless worry away so you can continue advancing the solar PV industry.

Never sacrifice quality for scale again.

How the Sunbrick Helped Rayleigh Solar Tech Commercialize Perovskites

Problem: Dr. Sam March, co-founder of Rayleigh Solar Tech, had demonstrated his perovskite technology in the lab at a 1” x 1” scale, but he needed a reliable larger-area solution to reach commercialization.

Innovation: G2V’s Sunbrick provided the large area, reliable solar simulation that Dr. March needed.

Outcome: The G2V Sunbrick was integrated into a testing chamber design that has enabled Rayleigh to quickly progress in their perovskite module testing and commercialization for use in electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

G2V doesn’t currently provide automated testing solutions out of the box. However, there is a Python API (included with the Sunbrick and the Pico’s Variable Module) and a LabView DLL (Sunbrick only) so customers can implement a scripted automated solution that fits their needs. We’re always happy to work collaboratively to ensure the fit is right. Furthermore, we’re always building out and planning our future product roadmap; any feature suggestions you have are welcome!

All of our solar simulators are currently calibrated using several detectors calibrated by a third-party lab, which qualify as “gold” cells, all of which are metrologically traceable to NIST. This is done to reduce the reliance on a single source and achieve a calibration closer to the world average. In the future, we may introduce some comparisons against “silver” cells, but that information will be communicated transparently in the metrology section of our extensive QC reports.

Reported LED lifetimes range from 10,000 to 100,000 hours depending on manufacturer and conditions. Most reported lifetimes are for LEDs driven at maximum current. We design our solar simulators to drive LEDs at lower currents, which results in the LEDs performing closer to the maximum of their lifetime range. Our solar simulators are rated for 10,000 hours and covered by a full two-year warranty.

The EQE module (only available with our Pico product) uses individual LEDs to probe a device’s spectral responsivity, and as such, the resolution of the resulting EQE curve is limited to the wavelengths of the LED types used in the solar simulator. While you won’t achieve nanometer resolution from our EQE module, you will get a low-resolution snapshot (between 25 nm to 100 nm on average) that still contains valuable device information.

The IV module is currently only available with the small area solar simulator, the Pico, but an IV module solution for the Sunbrick is currently on G2V’s product development roadmap. In the meantime, we recommend pairing Sunbricks with a source meter such as a Keithley 2400 series.

Our solar simulators will illuminate their specified areas with Class A spatial non-uniformity (Sunbrick providing large area, Pico for small areas), so the number of busbars is ultimately limited by the size of the individual solar cells you’ve connected on a busbar. If you are concerned about micro-features in the illumination field, get in touch and we can discuss the resolution of our validation measurements and whether a higher-resolution spatial measurement may mitigate your concerns.

Knowledge Base

Our Expertise. Your Home Base.

We make sure that our customers have access to resources that help them understand more not only about the products we offer, but relevant applications and standards. Visit the knowledge base to learn more about LED illumination, Class AAA standards, Photovoltaics and much more. Knowledge is solar power.

SWITCH Materials: Photochromic-Electrochromic films – Customer Story

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Changing the world is no simple feat. Adding like-minded individuals specialized in relevant areas of expertise makes the adventure easier. You might be in the middle of a line upgrade, exploring new technology, or perhaps innovating existing products for better efficiency.

Having a trusted solar simulator expert a click away makes the job a little easier. Get up and running sooner with our light guidance.

We love working with our clients as partners to ensure you are getting the reliable solution you need for your unique requirements.

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Download the G2V Solar Simulation Brochure

For the latest information on the Pico small area solar simulator please download the LED Solar Simulation Brochure. Included is everything you need to know about the Pico, as well as a complete specification sheet. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Download our Comprehensive Solar Simulation Brochure

For the latest information on the Sunbrick large area solar simulator please download the LED Solar Simulation Brochure. Included is everything you need to know about the Sunbrick, as well as a complete specification sheet. If you would like to know more please get in touch.