202103 – HyperPod V2 LP

What if you could sense stress in your plants before your eyes could see it?

Welcome to HyperPod™

A sensor that can detect plant stress before you can see it

What Can it Detect?

Once a problem is visible to the naked eye, it’s too late

Interested to learn how HyperPod™ can help you grow healthier, stronger, and more efficient plants?

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What HyperPod™ allows you is the ability to have your plants live up to their true potential

No more hoping and wishing your latest crop buds

What can the HyperPod™ do?

Who is HyperPod™ for?

HyperPod™ is for indoor farmers that are looking to optimize their plant growth within an indoor setting through innovative sensor technology.

Enabling Smart Light Innovations for:

"Anyone can buy a grow light off the shelf, but G2V optics takes it to the next level with their special spectral light technology. They have the best lights on the market right now,”
202103 - HyperPod V2 LP 1
Alina Martin
The Harvest Hub Co-Founder