Bring the best hyperspectral remote sensing technology to your indoor farm (for a fraction of the cost)

Imagine an army of Plant Whisperers - dozens of assistants monitoring your plants 24x7, helping YOU make better, more timely decisions, increase yields, get more turns and to increase the ROI in your grow op.

Introducing HyperPod™ – an internet-of-things (IoT) hyperspectral sensing package that monitors your plants for:

  • drought and stress through advanced remote sensing techniques,
  • grow conditions through canopy temperature, humidity and vapour pressure deficit,
  • crop progress with plant imagery, and
  • plant reactions to changing conditions via time-lapse video.

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We protect grower’s crops with early detection of plant health problems with state-of-the-art remote sensing techniques adapted for indoor farms

When a plant is missing nutrients, water, or fighting disease, it is unable to fulfill its potential. The stress of growing when essential needs are not met shows up before it can be seen by the naked eye. Missing these early signals increases the chances of poor crop quality, or even worse, full crop loss.

First used for satellites in orbit around the Earth, and later for aerial surveys of open field agriculture, hyperspectral technology is a leading remote sensing technique that monitors plant health and vitality.

G2V Optics has developed the HyperPod™, a cost-effective solution that brings hyperspectral techniques to the greenhouse and indoor farm. The HyperPod™ is an internet-of-things (IoT) sensing package that monitors plant health through

  • hyperspectral sensing,
  • canopy temperature,
  • plant imagery,
  • time lapse video, and
  • environmental monitoring.

G2V Optics has developed smart lighting technologies for the world’s leading research universities, aerospace and technology companies. The same optical expertise has contributed to the HyperPod™.

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The world’s best remote sensing systems use vegetation indexes

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Vegetation indexes are used in remote sensing to directly analyze plant health, water stress, and much more.
A couple of the vegetation indexes reported by the HyperPod ™ are:

  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI): NDVI uses infrared and red light to measure canopy growth and vigour.
  • Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI): PRI uses green and red light to detect the effects of water stress on chlorophyll – the molecular engine that drives your plant’s growth.

These indexes provide a quantitative measure of your crop’s progress.

Plants respond too slowly for the human eye

Faster than our eyes can detect

Plants react to changes over hours and days, which means that monitoring with the naked eye can mislead growers or cause them to miss developing problems.

The HyperPod™ takes regular imagery and generates timelapse videos. You will see your plant react to changes, allowing you to maximize crop outcomes.

Environmental monitoring is essential

Tracks Temperature, Humidity, Pressure

Monitoring canopy temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure helps you ensure that your plants have the right balance of environmental conditions for optimal plant development. Each HyperPod™ monitors these essential environmental factors and calculates your plant’s Vapour-Pressure Deficit (VPD).

Variations in VPD help growers know whether the plants are in the right transpiration zone for optimal growth, and whether your HVAC is functioning correctly.

Elevated canopy temperature can indicate disease or overlighting

Proactive Check for Plant Disease

High canopy temperature is an indicator of low photosynthetic activity and disease stress.

To help you detect overlighting or disease issues sooner, the HyperPod™ monitors average canopy temperature.


1 Pod per Growing zone

Plants will react to differences in temperature, humidity, photoperiod, PPFD, watering schedule or nutrient profile. We recommend at least one HyperPod™ per growing condition to ensure you can assess crop health for your entire facility.

To make effective use of the insight generated by the HyperPod™, you are able to set alerts to detect conditions that are most important to you.

The HyperPod™ will send a notification to your phone or computer browser when your criteria are exceeded.

Our existing customers use between two and ten per facility, depending on their facility’s complexity. Book a consultation below to get personalized advice from our experts.


1-10 Pods
$ 249/pod/yr
  • Hyperspectral sensor​
  • RGB Camera​
  • Environmental sensor​​
  • Embedded Computer​​
  • Plant Monitoring SaaS ​
  • Dedicated system design
  • Photobiology Consulting
  • Priority Support​


11-50 Pods
$ 199/pod/yr
  • Hyperspectral sensor​
  • RGB Camera
  • Environmental sensor​
  • Embedded Computer​
  • Plant Monitoring SaaS ​
  • Dedicated system design
  • Photobiology Consulting
  • Priority Support​


51+ Pods
$ Contact Sales
  • Hyperspectral sensor
  • RGB Camera
  • Environmental sensor
  • Embedded Computer
  • Plant Monitoring SaaS
  • Dedicated system design
  • Photobiology Consulting
  • Priority Support

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