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Welcome To G2V Optics

Experts in Precision Lighting Technlogy

Who We Are.

We’re not a lighting company, we are a technology company. Our technology provides greenhouses, vertical farms, and home growers with multi-zone lighting, plant monitoring, and very soon crop control. We also design and build specialty custom light sources and solar simulators for research institutes for horticulture, solar cell, and water-splitting research. 

We optimize the use of illumination through the use of ‘engineered sunlight’ – responding in real-time to plant needs and environmental changes – improving yield, quality, and operating costs for commercial growers. Our advances technology enables more crop to be grown with fewer resources. 

What We Do.

Our mission at G2V is to widely implement integrated, automated, intelligent horticulture systems. By 2050, the world population is expected to be ten billion. Current food production methods will not be able to provide enough food calories, with a predicted shortfall that will leave three billion without food. Arable land is decreasing in many parts of the world, and fresh water reserves are already under significant strain. 

Where We Came From.

The first generation of G2V Optics’ technology was developed at the National Institute for Nanotechnology and the University of Alberta, funded and supported by Nanobridge, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Micralyne Inc. and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. A team of scientists at the University of Alberta, including G2V’s founder Dr. Michael Taschuk, were engaged in an advanced nanotechnology research program to optimize organic photovoltaic solar cells. This required accurate, reliable and controlled sunlight source to test new devices. However, such a technology didn’t exist; one that would not only accurately emulate the Sun’s spectral profile, remain stable enough for testing, and that could simulate realistic daylight cycles. Dr. Taschuk invented a LED-based solar simulator, and led a team developing the technology in readiness for commercialization. After a successful pilot test at the National Institute for Nanotechnology, G2V Optics was founded to fulfill an initial order for the Pico solar simulator.