pico – Direct Value – Landing Page No. 2

G2V pico.

  • 1 sun-equivalent irradiance area of 9 cm² with spatial non-uniformity < 2%.
  • AM1.5G spectral match exceeds ASTM E927 by a factor of 5x.
  • Temporal instability of 0.2% exceeds Class A requirements by 10x.

What more is the pico capable of?

...look at these upgrades

  • External Quantum Efficiency Module
    Provides wavelength resolved measurements of your device’s performance under active conditions.
  • Harsh Environment Housing
    An illumination head to be immersed for electro-chemical experiments like photo-catalysis and water splitting.
  • IV Module
    Obtain rapid, accurate and efficient measurements for your research devices with Current-Voltage Electronic testing.