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The PVSC conference has a rich tradition of bringing together students, innovators, researchs and Photovoltaic leaders in a vibrant and highly integrative forum.  G2V was very pleased to be a part of this gathering exhibiting the pico  solar simulator, and engaging in discussion about solar simulation. 

IEEE PVSC-46 Photovoltaic Conference 1

June 17th - 20th 2019

Pico Solar Simulator on desk stand besides computer One-Click Software - by G2V Optics Inc. - Horticulture Lighting | Solar Simulation | Data Science - DSC03675


Solar Simulation Demo

We wanted to bring the pico to IEEE PVSC – 46 to show everyone why solar simulation is so important, and how the pico’s highly accurate system can empower researchers better than anything else.

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With hands on demonstration of the pico, and interactive activities to show you what wavelength changing spectra is, and why we think it is capable of truly wonderful things. 

We  set up from June 17th at 10:00AM until June 20th at 5:00 PM.  We were so excited to meet you, show you who we are and answer any questions you might have.

IEEE PVSC-46 Photovoltaic Conference 2