Photography Tips and Guidelines

Having high-quality photos can make all the difference. Images can capture who you are and the industry you work in. Many factors go into making a higher quality photo. Please read through these general tips and guidelines to see how you can produce more impactful shots.


With technology moving faster and becoming more accessible, taking a high-quality photo isn’t as difficult as it used to be. We recommend using anything that can capture high pixel resolution such as DSLR cameras, Smartphone Cameras (2016-present) and GoPro Cameras. We don’t recommend disposable film cameras, point and shoot digital cameras or camcorders for photography.

pico sunlight simulator with G2V and pico locked logo


One of the most important things when taking a picture is ensuring that the subject of your photo is clearly shown, and compositionally framed in the picture plane. Avoid cutting off portions of the subject you’re shooting, alternatively, avoid leaving too much space around the outside of your subject.

The Rule of Thirds is an easy way to compositionally frame your shots. Using grids you see how they split the picture plane into nine sections. By aligning your subject with these grid lines you create images that are more intriguing to look at. Follow the grid lines and make sure your subject is proportionally framed in the picture plane.


Lighting is one of the more difficult factors to work with. Unless you know you cameras white balance settings, you can set to AUTO. As much as you can try to use natural light to shoot your photos.

Avoid shooting under dim lit environments, or environments that have room lighting that will affect your photos. Avoid flash setting on your camera since they often result in overexposed areas and unbalanced visual compositions.

lab researcher using pico sunlight simulator with G2V and pico locked logo


As much as you can, try to match G2V’s existing style of imagery. Bright spaces, high resolutions, and colourful devices are some elements that mark G2V’s photographic style. Make sure the photos are in context. We want to see what your work environment looks like, so while we suggest some tidying, we want to see the things that will be around this device on a regular basis.

For more examples of our photography style you can refer to our website.



We would like to ask for photos of certain things in your workspace:

  • Photo of the G2V Optics Device in your workspace
  • Photo of the G2V Optics Device used for its intended purpose
  • Photo of the individual next to the G2V Optics Device
  • Photo of the individual working with the device
  • Photo of the primary user working with another individual or group in this workspace

Take photos from multiple angles, and experiment with the composition.

Please ask that any photos have a minimum resolution of 1920x1080px, and are sent at their maximum file size. For more information on G2V Optics Photography tips and Guidelines please contact us.