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G2V Labs is where customers co-create the instruments they need to enable their research of tomorrow

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Partner with us to generate the best light ecosystem for your photosensitive application.

Does the light ecosystem you need to push the boundaries of research simply not exist, or is it so custom that it’s not practical? At G2V Labs, we understand such frustration and meet it head-on by partnering with customers to develop the instruments they need at scale. Our approach helps customers get the leading edge solar simulation instruments they need at a cost they can afford. All with reliability and support so you can continue to grow.

We follow a scalable format that has worked time and time again to deliver world-class instruments to our customers.

Let’s Collaborate On What Comes Next

Many factors come into play when you need a custom light configuration. Our business is built on solving customer problems through a focus on three pillars: technology, innovation, and curiosity. We treat all customers as our partners to understand their goals, their needs, and how they can succeed at changing the world.

Your research is always evolving, and so are the ways you use precision LED solar simulators. We work with you to meet the needs of today’s research and tomorrow’s goals.

That’s why we’re constantly innovating, tinkering, and developing. We’re listening and connecting the dots so we evolve with you.

At G2V Labs, we want you to share your ambitions, so we can build the instruments to help you realize your big ideas. Our product teams are committed to working with you to build the future.


stay on light's leading edge

Get in on the Ground of New Ongoing Developments

Interested in what we’re already working on? Join a community of other developers and researchers solving challenging problems with brilliant light technology as our new product beta customers. You will get early access to our newest products, influence on their development, and preferred pricing.

G2V Labs is built on a culture of support and partnership to develop new products

We’ll be blunt: your research is cool. The work you’re doing is exciting. We can’t wait to see where it goes and what it does. And we’re proud to be a part of it.

Call us to talk about your work

Deeply understanding your goals is at the heart of our partnership. We take the time with you to understand the full picture and impacts.

Brainstorm together on the possibilities

Working together, and with other interested parties from our networks, we co-create possible solutions to get you the outcomes you are after.

Beta test our solutions

As we build the solution you need, we regularly check in and collaborate on what is working well and can be improved to unlock a device's full potential.

Launch and ongoing support

Once things are working as intended, we continue to work with you to expand the capabilities of the instruments as well as help you share your success with the world.

Contact us to get involved and learn more about our end-to-end product co-development process.

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