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Replicate the light conditions your products will encounter

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Test Your Wearables In Any Sun or Ambient Light Condition

Customers around the world will be wearing your technology and exposing it to different light conditions, both indoors and out. You need to ensure the viability of your wearable tech, from the highest to lowest intensities, in mW/cm2 or in lux.

Testing your product in every corner of the globe is not feasible, but with G2V LED technology you have access to every possible solar spectra and most ambient light to prove your wearables perform in every environment.

G2V solar simulators give you the flexibility to confidently scale your innovation out of the laboratory to the mass market.

Supercharge your research and development with flexible illumination.

Featured Innovations

The Most Advanced Technology For Your Cutting Edge Research

You’re building something great. Our solar replication technologies mean you don’t have to worry about accurate light.

G2V Pico Solar Simulator On Desk Vertical With Computer Pico 5

Pico™ Solar Simulator for Wearables

You need to test your wearable with light, but it's not the only test you're doing. You have a suite of equipment and want to add light without renovating your lab space. The Pico small-area solar simulator provides excellent spectral match in a form factor suitable for easy integration into small spaces and accommodate other equipment.

Get a solar simulator that fits on the end of your desk.


Sunbrick™ Solar Simulator for Wearables

Want to examine the effect of solar radiation on a large prototype? Or perhaps you want to examine many wearables in parallel on a production line? The Sunbrick large-area simulator is ready to provide the same trusted G2V light over a large area without performance compromises. The fidelity and array of easy customization options make the Sunbrick the choice simulator for wearable development scaling beyond small-area devices.

How Integrated Photovoltaics Are Powering Wearables

Battery life – in other words, available electrical energy—is a concern for any wearable technology. Thin-film solar cells are opening the door to solar charging rather than relying on traditional wall-plugs. You’re ready to incorporate photovoltaic technology, but need to know the most appropriate type. Is the solar cell that’s good for clothing the same as what you’d want in your fitness tracker? The details matter, and performance characteristics are essential in wearables.

Our comprehensive photovoltaics article can help you, covering such topics as:

Case Study: Wearable Tech Developer Needed Scalable Wide Spectrum

Problem: A multinational wearable technology company was developing a product they needed to rapidly test under a wide spectrum.
Innovation: G2V provided them with a 2×2 unit Sunbrick array covering the spectral range from 400 nm – 1500 nm.
Outcome: The wearable tech company was able to conduct initial testing to validate their devices, and scale up their operations and experiments with additional Sunbrick arrays.

G2V's FAQs

No, we don’t need to know about your proprietary tech, and are willing to sign an NDA if needed. We’ll ask you a few questions about the dimensions (both area and volume) you’re trying to illuminate, as well as what your most important specifications are, but we’ll respect your confidentiality while still delivering an excellent solar simulator.
Yes, we can! We can calibrate multiple simulators in tandem to ensure synchronicity before shipment to multiple sites. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to monitor individual simulator output to ensure alignment in testing results across your organization, no matter the physical geography.
Because G2V solar simulators were designed for maximum efficiency at 1-sun intensity, the drivers are not optimized for very low current outputs. However, low-flux solutions are still achievable in combination with neutral density filters. If this is a requirement, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can deliver the dynamic ranges you require for your research.
Yes. In most cases if you can tell us the window material and thickness, we can calibrate your solar simulator to compensate for the glass transmission, so the irradiance your sample receives is the same high-accuracy spectrum we would normally produce without a window.

Knowledge Base

Our Expertise. Your Home Base.

We make sure that our customers have access to resources that help them understand more not only about the products we offer, but related applications and standards. Visit the knowledge base to learn more about Angle of EmissionPerovskitesPhotovoltaics and much more.

How Can I Use a Solar Simulator to Qualify Optical Detectors?

What is the Calibrated Output Spectral Irradiance for a Solar Simulator?

Solar Simulation

Talk to a Tunable Light Expert for Better Testing Your Wearables

Inside. Outside. Our world, or an augmented one. Whether your users take your wearables everywhere, or your tech takes users anywhere, you need to test it with light. Your tech’s unique. You’re eager to bring it to an international audience, but don’t want to compromise on quality. Get in touch with an expert on tunable light, and we’ll discuss the details of your application until we ensure your particular needs are met. We see customer interactions as partnerships, and it’s essential in wearable tech with so many rapid developments and custom form factors. We’re excited by discovery and innovation, and would love to contribute to yours.

Download the G2V Solar Simulation Brochure

For the latest information on the Pico small area solar simulator please download the LED Solar Simulation Brochure. Included is everything you need to know about the Pico, as well as a complete specification sheet. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Download our Comprehensive Solar Simulation Brochure

For the latest information on the Sunbrick large area solar simulator please download the LED Solar Simulation Brochure. Included is everything you need to know about the Sunbrick, as well as a complete specification sheet. If you would like to know more please get in touch.