Solar Simulation


The ONLY Upgradable LED Solar Simulator

CLASS AAA Solar Simulator


1 sun-equivalent irradiance area of 9 cm² with spatial non-uniformity < 2%.

Larger areas are available upon request.


AM1.5G spectral match exceeds ASTM E927 by a factor of 5x.

Variable spectra with preset AM0 – AM10 and custom spectra available.


Temporal instability of 0.2% exceeds Class A requirements by 10x.


  • >5x Class A Spectral Fit.
  • 10x Class A Temporal Instability (<0.2%).
  • 9 cm² Class A Uniformity (<2%).
  • User-programmable Spectrum with pico Variable and One-Click Sun™ Software. 
  • Preset AM1.5G and AM0-AM10 Spectra.
  • Custom intensity, area, and spectrum options available upon request. 


The Ultraviolet spectral extension is available for both pico Fixed and Variable. The extended bandwidth extends from 365 nm to 400 nm. Suitable for photochemistry experiments. 

The Near Infrared spectral extension is available for both pico Variable and Fixed with extended bandwidth from 1,100 nm to 1,450 nm. Suitable for multi-junction solar cell testing. 

An upgrade for the pico Fixed or Variable, allowing the illumination head to be immersed for electro-chemical experiments like photo-catalysis and water splitting. The aluminum housing is replaced with a Teflon housing, providing strong chemical resistance to acidic or basic solutions. 

The External Quantum Efficiency Module provides wavelength resolved measurements of your device’s performance under active conditions. Following the standard test method defined by ASTM E1021, the EQE Module will allow you to gain insight into the factors limiting performance in your devices. 

Obtain rapid, accurate and efficient measurements for your research devices with Current-Voltage Electronic testing. Following the standard test method defined by ASTM E1021,  the IV module will measure the performance of solar cells and generate a characterization report showing all electrical characteristics with curve fitting for error analysis. 

The pico is designed to grow with your research needs

The research-grade solution for solar cell testing, photochemistry, and environmental testing.

You choose a spectral range and add complete spectra & intensity control, photovoltaic IV measurement, and EQE characterization.

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Solar Simulation 2
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Solar Simulation 6

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