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Your Research Matters. The Most Precise LED Solar Simulation Matters.

G2V was founded because the world’s leading researchers, engineers, designers, and dreamers are creating a better future — and that future revolves around the power of the sun. To create scalable, real-world solutions, dreamers need precise solar simulations. That’s where we come in. 

With backgrounds in research and our hearts in engineering, we’ve created the most precise LED solar simulators in the world. That means you get accurate results, every time. 

Easy to use. Easy to maintain. Quick to start up. Inspired by your work. That’s G2V. 

Less Frustration. More Success.

Our team has been in the field. We know the frustration with solar simulation. It takes too long to get going and it’s difficult to replicate. It leads to excess sample heating, skewed results, and downstream difficulties.

We knew it didn’t have to be that way. That’s why we married the capabilities of LED tech with the evolving needs of researchers. We saw the existing gas-discharge-lamp technology with expensive, rapidly-decaying bulbs, and decided to make something better.

You need tunable solar simulation that lasts, and is exactly right. That’s exactly what we provide.

Meet Our Team. They’re Excited To Work With You

If there is one word to describe the team here, it is curious. We want to learn about your research. We geek out on what you’re creating. And we want to support it. Let’s work together on solutions that change the world.

G2V Optics Founders Michael Taschuk and CEO Ryan Tucker assembling a sunbrick solar simulator

Our Values Guide Our Trajectory

In order to grow and assist those looking to make a change, we operate on a set of values to ensure we never forget where we came from and what kind of company we want to be.

Active Listening and Communication

We each play a role in relevant, effective, and open information sharing. We ask questions, give feedback, stay curious, and listen to understand one another.

Ethical Technology Practice

We create technologies that care for the health, safety, and welfare of the public. We have a deep regard for the environment and accept responsibility for helping create pathways to sustainable energy for our world.

Growth and Learning

When we grow as individuals, we grow as a company. We prioritize learning and growth to extend our skills and knowledge.

Iterative and Intentional Innovation

We share imperfect work and iteratively test and refine our ideas. Through feedback, open dialogue, and collaboration we create relevant new technologies.

People First

We create an environment where people feel safe to express ideas, show vulnerability, fail, and share with one another. We believe in providing flexibility, balance, and respecting each team member as a whole person.

Quality and the Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence is not an accident. Our consistent pursuit of excellence produces quality that aims to exceed both international standards and customer expectations.

G2V Optics Founders Michael Taschuk and CEO Ryan Tucker assembling a sunbrick solar simulator

We’re at the boundary of what’s possible. We want to accelerate your work.

Dr. Michael Taschuk

See more about G2V and Michael’s vision for your research

Be Part of Tomorrow’s Conversations

When tackling problems of solar power, aerospace, materials science and more, you need communication. We believe in starting conversations and facilitating cooperation across fields.

The challenges of today’s world took generations to develop. We might not have that kind of time to fix them. But we have an edge: we have each other. And we’re going to solve problems, together.

See our resources about the possibilities of LED solar simulation.

Built on Support

With You from the First Call

We build products. That’s what we do. But who we are is a partner in your research. From the first call, we work with you to determine your needs and find you a solution (even if it isn’t one of our products). We’re with you through set up, innovation, frustration, and exultation.

Building Your Next Generation

As we continue to innovate, we do so with your needs in mind. We work with our partners to develop our products and adapt to evolving needs. G2V Labs is where researchers and designers come together to develop the next generation of solar simulation. It’s where we build for you.

Life at G2V: Thinking in the Long-Term

At G2V, your talent and determination can help build a better future. It’s why we do things differently than most start-ups. We invest in our employees and look toward the long-term. We know that supporting each other is the only way to unlock all our potential.

That matters to our people. It makes a difference in our work. It makes a difference in the world.

Want to talk about your research? So do we.

We’re eager to hear about your research. We’re even more excited to find you the solar replication technology you need.