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About G2V

G2V Optics (G2V) was founded to apply innovative technology and data driven, collaborative design toward solutions for this generation’s global issues. Starting with the highest precision spectral replication ever produced, G2V now provides a suite of advanced lighting, monitoring, and data science products to push the boundaries of renewable energy research, material science, and modern horticulture. When spectral precision matters for your research, let G2V Engineer the Sun™.


After a literal lightbulb discovery in 2013, Michael Taschuk started G2V Optics on an ambitious journey to become a world leader and pioneer in developing the most advanced lights and solar simulation products on the planet.

Taschuk’s original discovery involved replicating sunlight for scientific applications, including solar cells in the aerospace and renewable energy sectors.

But soon botanists started lining up at G2V’s door, too.

“Early into this technology development, we started getting calls from botanists and people growing plants saying ‘Do you guys realize the way you can manipulate light actually can have a huge impact on the way plants grow’,” recalled Ryan Tucker, G2V’s CEO. “With the growth of indoor farming and vertical farming, being able to increase yields, change taste and texture and grow plants to qualities and sizes that have never been done before became really interesting to us.”

Indeed, one of G2V’s clients recently grew a hard-to-grow crop of saffron in Alberta in the dead of winter. The possibilities are endless.

Tucker is also proud G2V’s data-driven lighting systems can help lower the overall environmental footprint of a crop by using less water, land, and energy.

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G2V's own growth has been remarkable.

In less than five years, the clean technology company has moved from a tiny basement operation to becoming a partner of international research institutions and multi-billion dollar global aerospace and food production companies.

In early 2020, company officials were even invited to showcase their technology at the prestigious World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco this spring. G2V is one of only 15 companies from around the world asked to present, and only one of two Canadian brands.

The mission-driven company is guided by a noble goal to use their technology to help end famine and solve the world’s looming food shortage — one light at a time.

“Everybody here cares about the big picture,” said Tucker. “We want to contribute to something really big.”

Edmonton has been the perfect place to grow their business because of its proximity to Alberta’s vibrant agriculture sector and the University of Alberta’s tight-knit nanotechnology and artificial intelligence communities.

In fact, the first generation of G2V Optics’ technology was developed at the National Institute of Nanotechnology and the University of Alberta.

It’s not lost on Taschuk and Tucker that their ground-breaking research replicating the sun is being conducted in a part of the world that can be one of the darkest, coldest corners of the planet during the winter.

G2V exists to create enabling technologies to feed & power the world of tomorrow.