G2V Optics was founded to apply innovative technology and data driven, collaborative design toward solutions for this generation’s global issues.

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Starting with the highest precision spectral replication ever produced, G2V now  provides a suite of advanced lighting, monitoring, and data science products to push the boundaries of renewable energy research, material science, and modern horticulture. Expanding into the horticulture lighting industry with the G2V perihelion, the team continues to utilize data-driven, scientific, collaborative design to pursue the best possible iteration of our products while maintaining value for our customers.  Our continuous, software-controlled, adjustable-spectra LED solar simulators enable researchers to unlock the potential of tomorrow’s solar powered devices. Our closed loop horticulture systems maximize output and chemical content by replicating geographic conditions, monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting in real-time. When spectral precision matters for your research, let G2V Engineer the Sun™.

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Forward thinking innovators have partnered with us to collaborate & produce solutions to global issues.

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