Our Team

The group here at G2V embraces growth wherever we can find it. We believe collaboration between the natural and technological world can lead to truly meaningful solutions.

We are a tight knit group of individuals driven to contribute to solutions for  this worlds issues. We believe we have the power to Engineer The Sun™ and truly make a difference.

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Our Mission

G2V was founded to apply innovative technology and data driven, collaborative design toward solutions for our planet’s most pressing issues, including a looming food shortage.

Starting with the highest precision spectra replication ever produced, G2V now builds a suite of advanced lighting, monitoring, and data science products to push the boundaries of renewable energy research, material science, and modern horticulture.

Meet Our Leaders

Ph.D., P.Eng.

Founder & CTO

Dr. Taschuk is a renowned expert in optoelectronic systems, with 15 years’ experience managing multi-disciplinary teams to develop advanced lighting, electronics, and characterization systems including sensing and forensic techniques in collaboration with industry partners. He is the named inventor on several patents, author of a textbook, and has published over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Ph.D., P.Eng.

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan has dedicated his career to technology commercialization and product development alongside firms including Philips Innovation Labs, Shell Aviation, and SOM Architecture in Canada and the Netherlands. His work has led to dozens of products scaled into volume manufacturing, multiple granted patents, and recognition from organizations including ASTech and the European Materials Research Society.

Head of Marketing

Nyssa is an entrepreneur and master of digital marketing and automation. She has run a digital marketing agency, a startup, and worked on e-commerce teams for national brands.

Head of Sales

Carl is a leader in technology sales, business development, and strategic high-value value added reseller partnerships.  His focus on customer success, and data driven decision making exemplifies what it means to be a part of G2V Optics.

Head of Product Development and Customer Success

Justin is a leader in product development and customer communication.  Gifted at building, leading and inspiring teams in achieving goals in a fast-paced environment.  His focus on customer success, and innovative product development are what makes him an essential part of G2V Optics. 


Financial Lead

Brendan has a strong entrepreneurial background and has demonstrated successful financial management and scaling (including one exit) from multiple businesses.

Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Advisors


Senior Advisor

Lorena is an experienced technology commercialization accelerator for early stage technology based companies and entrepreneurs. Industries she has worked in include industrial IoT, energy, clean technology and ICT.

MBA, P.Eng.

Senior Advisor

Vince is an Accomplished Senior Technology & Corporate Services Executive with consistent success guiding effective efficient business strategies and driving for maximum human resource potential. Experienced in providing companies with a competitive technology and personnel edge, removing waste, and saving time and money.