Support and Problem-Solving for the Long Haul

From your first ideas to the end of the project, we’re partners in your success.

Bring Light To Your Work

You’re doing important research. You’re creating the technologies that will make a better tomorrow. You’re reaching places no one else has gone.

You need a light source you can rely on. That’s what we do. But we go much further than that.

From your first ideas to the end of the project, we are ongoing partners to help you succeed by providing direct support for your instrument,  experimental setup, and integration with other laboratory systems.


Helping You Set Up Your Experiment For Success

Every successful project is a collaboration. You’re experts in your field; we’re experts in light. We’re here to help you generate accurate results with proper set-up, usage, and measuring techniques.

Get more than equipment. Get a true partner.

We work to understand your problems and your goals, your research, and the technology you need to get there. You deserve nothing less than a partner who does the work.
Ryan Tucker
CEO, G2V Optics

A Partner Throughout Your Project Lifecycle

Call us to talk about your project

We want to hear what you need. Maybe it won’t be one of our solutions. Even if it’s not, we’ll help you find the right tools.

Work to get the best solution

We have a wide range of small-and-large-area solar replication tools that cover multiple available spectra.

Set up and implementation

We’re going to help you understand the best ways to start using our products and training your researchers.

Support throughout

Through the lifetime of your instrument, and beyond to your next one, we are always here to help you get the most accurate results.

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We will continue to populate this area below with general support assets that we create. If you would like a custom answer, please do fill out the support form above and one of our customer success agents will connect with you! 

We really enjoyed working with the G2V team.

They were incredibly responsive and helped to solve problems in a responsible and intelligent manner. G2V went over and above to deal with any issues. It's a very technical topic and [they] obviously knew what they were doing.
D. Lam
VP Product Development, Switch Materials

Knowledge Base

More Information For Better Decisions

Your choice of tooling is as important as your project. Feel confident in your decision with a G2V instrument. Search our comprehensive resources to learn everything you need to know about solar simulation.

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IEC 60904-9:2020 Standard for Solar Simulators

Solar Simulator Prices: Determine the TCO before buying

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Help Us Innovate the Next Generation

Today’s products might not meet tomorrow’s needs. That’s why we maintain our partnership. We’re going to work with you to learn more about what you need, where your projects are going, and what we can do to ensure your continued success.

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We’re curious about your project. We’re driven to make it a success.

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