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Create the Future of Solar With Better Photovoltaic Testing

Solar-powered devices are one of the keys to creating a cleaner, more sustainable world. Making these devices effective and scalable means creating realistic and repeatable test conditions. When researching and developing PV devices, your light sources should never be “good enough.”

People depend on your research. You need to depend on your solar simulation.

At G2V, we’ve created large- and small-area solar simulation lights that provide the precision you need to accurately innovate, test, and iterate – easily, efficiently, and repeatedly.


Featured Innovations

The Most Advanced Technology For Your Cutting-Edge Research

You’re building something great. Our solar replication technologies mean you don’t have to worry about accurate light.

G2V Pico Solar Simulator On Desk Vertical With Computer Pico 5

Pico™ Solar Simulator for R&D Photovoltaics

PV devices require precision, accuracy, and the quantification of key parameters to determine efficiency. The Pico small-area solar simulator produces sunlight with a high spectral match, and offers several modules specifically designed for PV testing.

Get a solar simulator that supports every stage of your PV validation.


Sunbrick™ Solar Simulator for Photovoltaics

Going from small cell to an entire solar panel can be challenging, with fabrication and material considerations you didn't foresee. The Sunbrick large-area solar simulator has a tileable design that allows you to test arbitrarily large sizes, so you can have confidence your up-scaled devices work as expected.

The Sunbrick provides a stable platform to grow with your PV cells. 

Customize the intensity and wavelength profiles

We test the performance of our perovskite solar cells in a special chamber that controls variables like humidity and temperature to measure their behavior in real-life conditions. At the heart of our chamber is solar illumination, provided by the G2V Sunbrick simulator. The ability to customize the intensity and wavelength profiles, all while maintaining excellent uniformity and stability has been key in our perovskite manufacturing process. The integration options of the Sunbrick have allowed us to control our solar cell characterization and chamber’s operation in a unified manner
Ajan Ramachandran, PhD - Optics Research Scientist
Ajan Ramachandran, PhD
Optics Research Scientist, Rayleigh Solar Tech

You’re building the future. We’ll provide the light.

How Precision Light Sources Change The Future of Photovoltaic Testing

PV R&D is changing the world, whether it’s mounted on a rooftop or in a field of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) modules. As we rely more and more on the power of solar, solar relies more heavily on getting it right, from individual cells to the solar back sheets. LED solar simulators are giving researchers the tools they need to create more accurate and scalable devices.

Our comprehensive article can help you go from the theoretical basics up to the most cutting-edge PV research, including:

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Case Study: G2V and NREL collaborate to validate LED solar simulators and improve multi-junction testing

Problem: The need for large-scale solar simulators and the long-term opportunity for LEDs in Solar Simulation

Solution: Photovoltaics Testing with a Sunbrick™ Large-Area LED Solar Simulator

Outcome: NREL is excited by the prospect of moving toward a standalone multi-junction solar cell test station.

Photovoltaic Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. LED technology has come a long way and continues to develop at a rapid pace, which has allowed longer and longer wavelength infrared LEDs to become commercially available.

No. Infrared LEDs are somewhat more expensive because they are newer technology, but G2V has worked hard to ensure that the overall solar simulator cost is on par or cheaper than competing technologies.

Yes! For large-area solar simulation, see the G2V Sunbrick, which can be tiled into arrays as large as you need.

If you haven’t gotten the answers you need from the Pico spec sheet, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular application.

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We make sure that our customers have access to resources that help them understand more not only about the products we offer, but relevant applications and standards. Visit the knowledge base to learn more about LED illumination, Class AAA standards, Photovoltaics and much more. Knowledge is solar power.

How Do You Test Photovoltaic Solar Cells?

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Download the G2V Solar Simulation Brochure

For the latest information on the Pico small area solar simulator please download the LED Solar Simulation Brochure. Included is everything you need to know about the Pico, as well as a complete specification sheet. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Download our Comprehensive Solar Simulation Brochure

For the latest information on the Sunbrick large area solar simulator please download the LED Solar Simulation Brochure. Included is everything you need to know about the Sunbrick, as well as a complete specification sheet. If you would like to know more please get in touch.