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Applications of Solar Simulation

Accelerating Solar, Aerospace, Automotive, Photovoltaic Manufacturing, and Materials Innovation with Class AAA Engineered Sunlight ®

A collage of areas using a solar simulator for testing: Aerospace, Wearables, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Automotive, Photochemistry, Smart Glass, Photovoltaic research, and Photovoltaic lines.

Research Requiring Class AAA light

We create the most advanced solar simulators for the world's leading innovators

If you find yourself here, you must be an expert looking for quality light for your solar simulator application.

You, much like our customers, are changing the world.

Your needs take you to the front lines of developing higher-efficiency solar cells, creating the next generation of sustainable materials, or building superior communication & climate monitoring systems to orbit the Earth and beyond.

All of these applications of solar simulation share one thing in common: the need for Class AAA light in their testing and research applications.

Here are just a few areas our solar simulators were created for:

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Explore Solar Simulator Applications

Person writing solar simulation results in an academic lab.


You are the heart of a post-secondary institution lab beating towards a better future. Your years of knowledge in one of these areas: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, or Physics is what makes you the expert. Your decisions sets your team up for success

AM0 Space dawn from above the Earth.


Your mind isn’t grounded to the Earth. You peer into the vastness of space and the potential to bring about a better tomorrow for everyone on Earth. Your expertise is what makes your work on satellites, spacecraft, and space missions successful.

CubeSat orbiting Earth experience AM0 conditions


Your work involves measuring how much technology you can use inside of 1U measurements. What your CubeSat lacks in size it is bolstered by the scientific information it transmits. 

Bubbling Photochemistry reaction in a beaker


Your research is in catalysis, water-splitting, or any other area of photochemistry requiring light to drive your reaction. Our page is dedicated to experts like you looking to take your applications to the next level of change.

Two solar research cells being held in a lab setting.

Photovoltaic Devices

Significant scientific change starts small and with an abundance of rigorous lab testing behind it. You are responsible for the leaps and bounds to the future of solar manufacturing by designing the solar research cells of tomorrow. 

Multi colored Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) panels.

Smart Glass

You are blending the beauty of modern design with the innovative world of solar. Your research isn’t just tied to buildings it can also be seen in the future of automotives. 

Solar wafers on a photovoltaic manufacturing line awaiting solar simulation testing,

Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturing

A greener future will capture the sun’s light in a panel. To create that brighter future, your production lines need to run efficiently to maximize their uptimes.

Weathered metal from solar simulator material testing

Weathering & Material Testing

Your research answers the question of how long will the material last. When will the coating fail? Will the material survive the vacuum of space? Failures in the field aren’t an option in your line of work.

Clothing and a smart watch on a man exposed to the sun


From clothing to smart technology, you study the effects of light, ranging from charging the device to environmental degradation.  You high high-quality light that can be tested anywhere in the world


Built by two scientists who believe we can help you change the world

Having come from research, Dr. Taschuk and Dr. Tucker realized the market’s lack of accurate tunable solar simulators.

They set out to change this.

Since G2V Optics’ inception, they have created the Pico, the Sunbrick, and various other custom solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world. While the company’s product portfolio grew, so did its global influence. We now employ over 30 people in our Edmonton, Alberta office, have instruments in 40+ countries, and a network of 16 Value-Added Resellers around the globe.

We know what it is like to look for help and be pitched a product instead. This is why to be partners who want to talk through your needs whether it can use our product or not.

Mike and Ryan at manufacturing facility overseeing the assembling of sunbrick solar simulators

Knowledge Base

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Our expertise extends beyond our applications for solar simulation page. We make sure that our customers have access to resources that help them understand more about the products we offer. Visit the knowledge base to learn more about LED illumination, Class AAA standards, Angle of Emission and much more. Light knowledge is solar power.

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