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LED Solar Simulators

Built For Experts Changing The World of Tomorrow

Our LED Solar Simulators Are Trusted By

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Meet The Pico & The Sunbrick

Tunable Class AAA Solar Simulators Created For Experts Changing the World

The Pico™ Small Area LED Solar Simulator

Our Pico is a Class AAA small-area solar simulator designed for experts who require:

The Sunbrick™ Large Area LED Solar Simulator

Our Sunbrick is a Class AAA large-area solar simulator designed for experts who require:

*Mirrored Optical Stand Required For Use

Tunable Class AAA Quality

Light The One Variable You Can Completely Control

Class A Spectral Match

Our instruments were created to give experts Engineered Sunlight™ in their lab and the first step to this was giving them a solar spectrum that replicates our sun.

The Pico and Sunbrick’s AM1.5G spectral match exceeds the ASTM E927 and IEC 60904-9 standards and Class A requirements by 5x. 

Accurate light for advancing your applications.

Class A Spatial Uniformity

Quality and stable light from one corner to the other corner of your sample is critical. We have engineered our instruments to ensure that no matter where your sample is in our illumination plane your light is consistent across it.

One sun irradiance area with spatial non-uniformity < 2% for 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm with the Pico or 20 cm x 20 cm with the Sunbrick.

Peace of mind knowing your light is consistent across your sample.

Class A Temporal Stability

Our instruments are built to produce stable light from the moment you turn them on until they turn off, from the beginning to the end of your application.

Long-term temporal Instability <2% for 1000+ hours and exceeding Class A Short-term Stability of <0.1% for 100 seconds.

Drifting light quality is no longer a concern in your research.

Ready To Discover How A Class AAA Solar Simulator Will Change Your Research?

An instrument built for experts changing the world of tomorrow with the technology of today.

Quality Beyond The Standards

The Standards Are A Given; Here is What Sets Us Apart

Programmable Spectrum

Control up to 32 (Pico) and 36 (Sunbrick) channels for exploring areas of interest.

Python API Integration

Accelerate your testing and automation steps without sacrificing repeatability

Network Control

Save time by accessing your device remotely and start your work before you arrive

One Size Doesn't Fit All When It Comes to Solar Simulators

Flexible Mounting Options To Fit Your Lab Space & Customizable Spectrums To Match Your Needs

G2V Optics Pico And Sunbrick Mounting Options

Do You Have a Unique Project Requiring A Custom Solar Simulator Solution?

Need a custom configuration from above? Have a Unique Design? Custom Spectral Requirements?

We have a custom engineering division to create the perfect design for your needs.

Solar Simulation Expertise and Knowledge

We make sure that our customers have access to resources that help them understand more not only about our products, but about relevant applications and standards. Visit the knowledge base to learn more about Solar Simulation, Angle of Emission, Qualifying Optical Detectors,  and much more. 

What is the Calibrated Output Spectral Irradiance for a Solar Simulator?

IEC 60904-9:2020 Standard for Solar Simulators