Meet CTO and Founder Michael Taschuk

“When we prove what’s possible, we change people’s willingness to try.”


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Creating Possibilities and Bending Trajectories

When Michael Taschuk founded G2V, it was to solve problems for people who are tackling the world’s biggest challenges. A career in academics showed him the possibilities — and the limitations — of current solar simulators. By making something better, by crafting more precise tools, he could support the teams that are creating genuine change.

“There are people interested in outcomes that might be 10, 20, 50 years down the road. We want to bend that trajectory."


The Ultimate Guide to Solar Simulation

This article outlines a concept called ‘solar simulation’ – a technology pioneered by Michael and his team that mimics the sun for use in research labs, industry applications and commercial use.
“There are solutions to be found. Let’s map the terrain.”​

Knowledge Base

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We make sure that our customers have access to resources that help them understand more not only about the products we offer, but relevant applications and standards. Visit the knowledge base to learn more about LED illumination, Class AAA standards, Photovoltaics and much more. Knowledge is solar power.

4-Sun Solar Simulator Dawns to Tackle Humanity’s Challenges

Enhancing Plant Growth using LED Light: Dr. Uhrig Lab at the University of Alberta

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G2V does more than make products. We bring together the people that are looking for genuine solutions. Our resources are meant to start conversations and stimulate ideas. Together, we can make a real change.