World Agri-Tech

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The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit focuses on the most disruptive technologies transforming the global food system.  1500+ of the brightest minds in global agriculture meet to find new partnership opportunities and identify the right business models and investment strategies to fast-track innovation to the field. The summit series meets each year in San Francisco,  São Paulo and London.

World Agri-Tech

CEO of G2V talking at a convention

San Francisco | March 17th – 18th 2020

Perihelion grow light from G2V


Horticulture Lighting system

Light is fundamental to plant cultivation. We build the highest precision spectral replication available, allowing you to finely tune the specific photons needed for your crop.

Go beyond fixed spectrum with our variable/adjustable spectral control lights.

We wanted to show to perihelion at World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit 2020 to show everyone why indoor cultivation is so important, and how the perihelion’s highly accurate system can empower growers better than anything else.

Learn how our Pico and Sunbrick products replicate solar light and can advance your work.

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