IEEE PVSC50 Photovoltaic Conference in Puerto Rico

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IEEE #PVSC50 2023

IEEE PVSC 50th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference with G2V Optics in San Juan, Puerto Rico


The 50th Annual IEEE-PVSC is the signature event in the burgeoning solar power technology and market sector.  The PVSC conference has a rich tradition of bringing together students, innovators, researchers, photovoltaic leaders, investors, policy-makers, and regulators. G2V Optics is pleased to be a part of this gathering, exhibiting our Pico small area LED solar simulator, Sunbrick large area LED solar simulator, and teasing our upcoming product line.

The 2023 IEEE 50th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) will be held in the beautiful city of San Juan, Puerto Rico the second week of June 2023 with topics such as:

  • Chalcogenide Thin Film Solar Cells
  • Characterization Methods
  • Fundamentals and New Concepts for Future Technologies
  • III-V, Space, and Concentrator Photovoltaics
  • Module and System Reliability
  • Perovskite and Organic Materials and Solar Cells
  • Power Electronics and Grid Integration
  • PV Deployment, Policy and Sustainability
  • PV Modules, Manufacturing, Systems and Applications
  • Silicon Photovoltaic Materials and Devices
  • Solar Resource Assessment for PV and Forecasting

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PVSC50 Exhibition Dates Monday June 12-15th 2023

While you walk around the conference and mull over all the fantastic and forward-thinking research, stop by our booth and check out The Pico our small area Class AAA LED solar simulator.

The Pico – Control Your Light and Forward Your Innovations.

Pico Solar Simulator on desk stand besides computer One-Click Software - by G2V Optics Inc. - Horticulture Lighting | Solar Simulation | Data Science - DSC03675

The Pico at a glance:

  • Max area 25 mm x 25 mm
  • Up to 32 tunable channels
  • >10,000 hours or 2 year warranty
  • Am0, AM1.5, and up to AM40 if needed with a click of a button
  • No bulbs
  • No calibration
  • Python integration
  • One Click Sun: simulate light anywhere in the world for any time of the day for any season from the comfort of your lab.

Want to deep dive into the Pico? 

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In addition to our Pico, we will have our large area Class AAA LED solar simulator, The Sunbrick. It contains the same power as the Pico in a larger format and array design.


The Sunbrick – You Never Sacrifice Class AAA Quality For Scale Again.

G2V Optics Sunbrick large area solar simulator upright on its stand connected to power box and laptop

The Sunbrick at a glance:

  • Max area 20 cm x 20 cm with 1 Sunbrick. (Scale to any size with an array)
  • Up to 36 tunable channels
  • >10,000 hours or 2 year warranty
  • Am0, AM1.5, and up to AM40 if needed with a click of a button
  • No bulbs
  • No calibration
  • Python integration

Need more of the technical specs beyond the at a glance?

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When have been assisting researchers with testing single, multi-junction, tandem cells from perovskites to silicon and everything in between. 

Stop by the booth with your questions on how a tunable Class AAA LED solar simulator can change the way you research.

The FCT 650SE – A Photovoltaic Researchers Dream

We are proud to announce a product partnership with Sinton Instruments. Their incredible advanced cell characterization techniques married with the tunability of our Class AAA LED solar simulator, The Sunbrick. Accurate I-V and Suns Voc measurements for silicon, perovskites, and tandem devices. 

Sinton Instruments FCT 650SE partnered with G2V optics sunbrick for advanced photovoltaic cell characterization

The FCT 650SE at a glance:

  • Includes everything listed in The Sunbrick
  • Specialized for perovskite on silicon tandem cells, silicon cells, or encapsulated minimodules
  • Lifetime and doping measurements for silicon
  • Light soaking and max power point tracking
  • Standard cell results: Isc, Voc, Power, Vmp, Imp, FF, Efficiency, Rs, and Rsh
  • Advanced results: All materials- Suns-Voc. Silicon: lifetime, bulk lifetime, J0s, substrate doping

Need more of the technical specs beyond at a glance? Or have questions on if our partnered solution will work for you?

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We will have hands-on demonstrations of our Pico and Sunbrick solar simulators. Come on by Sunday through Thursday to learn more and find out if we have the right solution for your research. 

We will have experts on site ready to answer questions. 

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The Pico a small area solar simulator from G2V optics set up at a trade show to demonstrate the tuneability

Learn how our Pico and Sunbrick products replicate solar light and can advance your work.

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