ACS Orlando Conference 2019

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Thank you ACS Orlando Expo 2019

ACS hosts a national meeting and exposition every year, inviting the scientific community to share a space and exchange ideas.   G2V was very happy to be a part of this gathering exhibiting the pico®  solar simulator, and holding a free workshop on solar simulation.

March 31st – April 4th 2019

Orange County Conference Centre, Orlando Florida

View Map: 9800 International Dr., Orlando, Florida 32819


Solar Simulator

Solar Simulator Demonstration

Our pico ® solar simulator product is a hyper accurate, customizable, and durable solar simulator.  We provide a tool that has the capability to enable some of the best researchers in Material Science, Photovoltaics, Electrochemistry, Solar Cell Testing, and many more. 

We wanted to bring the pico to ACS Orlando 2019 to show everyone why solar simulation is so important, and how the pico’s highly accurate system can empower researchers better than anything else.  

Solar Simulator Workshop

This workshop gave an overview of solar simulators and how your research will benefit from a deeper understanding of your solar simulator. There is not much information available for researchers in a concise and easy to understand format. And there are certain system specification formats that are very misleading. Providing a concise overview of solar simulators, showing you what to look at in system specifications, and point out what really matters. In this workshop we eliminate all the mystery and confusion for you.

If you want to know about solar simulation you can learn more through our website

Solar Simulation

G2V Optics workshop



Ryan Tucker and Nyssa Cromwell with the Moles mascots at ACS Orlando 2019 Conference

Learn how our Pico and Sunbrick products replicate solar light and can advance your work.

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