Come find us at the ACS Orlando Expo 2019


G2V Optics @g2voptics will be attending the 257th annual American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting & Expo in beautiful Orlando Florida. 


ACS hosts a national meeting and exposition every year, inviting the scientific community to share a space and exchange ideas.   G2V is very excited to be a part of this gathering exhibiting the pico®  solar simulator, and holding a free workshop on solar simulation.



Sun. March 31st / 5:30PM – 7:30PM.

Mon. April 1st / 9:00AM – 7:30PM

Tues. April 2nd / 9:00AM – 7:30PM.


Tues. April 2nd / 10:45AM – 11:45AM.


Exhibiting @ BOOTH 930 Orange County Conference Centre

Workshop @ EXPO THEATRE 2 Orange County Conference Centre, Orlando Florida


Solar Simulator Demonstration

Introducing the pico.

Our pico ® solar simulator product is a hyper accurate, customizable, and durable solar simulator.  We provide a tool that has the capability to enable some of the best researchers in Material Science, Photovoltaics, Electrochemistry, Solar Cell Testing, and many more. 

We wanted to bring the pico to ACS Orlando 2019 to show everyone why solar simulation is so important, and how the pico’s highly accurate system can empower researchers better than anything else.  

Solar Simulator Workshop

This workshop will give an overview of solar simulators and how your research will benefit from a deeper understanding of your solar simulator. There is not much information available for researchers in a concise and easy to understand format. And there are certain system specification formats that are very misleading. We’ll give you a concise overview of solar simulators, show you what to look at in system specifications, and point out what really matters. In this workshop we will eliminate all the mystery and confusion for you.

  • You will learn:
    Why as a researcher in photo-related projects, you require to use a solar simulator.
  •  A few applications for some of the research being done requiring solar simulators (e.g., solar cells, photochemistry, photocatalysis)
  • Different types of solar simulator sources, advantages and disadvantages of these systems.
  • The standards set by government regulated bodies like ASTM, IEC, JIS.
  • Definitions and implications of some of the commonly used terminology in relation to specifications and standards (e.g., spectral match, temporal stability, spatial uniformity).
  • Different classifications of standards.
  • Various spectral matches (AM0-AM10), and the commonly used AM 1.5 G, what it all means and what you will require for your research.
  • How some of the system specifications provided can be very misleading
  • Some of the new technologies with respect to solar simulators.
  • Relevant theory and measurements such as IV and EQE (photon efficiency)


G2V Optics workshop

Sign Up for the G2V workshop at ACS Orlando 2019.

You will further have a chance to meet researchers in your specific field in this one-hour workshop. We hope this will allow for further global collaboration in the scientific community.

G2V Optics Exhibition

Come find us at ACS Booth 930

You can also visit our booth #930

With hands on demonstration of the pico, and interactive activities to show you what wavelength changing spectra is, and why we think it is capable of truly wonderful things. 

We will be set up from March 31st at 5:30PM until April 2nd at 7:30 PM.  We are excited to meet you, show you who we are and answer any questions you might have. We will be set up in Booth 930 at ACS Orlando National Meeting and Expo 2019.  

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