PV CellTech USA 2023

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PV Cell Tech: Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition 2023 in San Francisco, USA.

Founded in 2016 PV CellTech has been running on 3-4 October 2023, is our first PV CellTech conference dedicated to the U.S. manufacturing sector. 

The event will gather the key stakeholders from PV manufacturing, equipment/materials, policy-making and strategy, capital equipment investment and all interested downstream channels and third-party entities. 

The goal is simple: to map out PV manufacturing in the U.S. out to 2030 and beyond.” 

G2V Optics is proud to be a sponsor for this event and is excited to have Dr. Mike Taschuk Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Ryan Tucker CEO, and Sean Wagner MSc. our Applications Scientist and Communications Specialist attending!

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