Inventures 2020

Table of Contents:

Innovations Unbound

The future of energy production and consumption is at the forefront of global conversations. Through innovation, tremendous opportunities can be created for new uses of conventional energy resources, including Bitumen Beyond Combustion and Blue Hydrogen. These and other energy-transforming technologies will be explored at Inventures 2020 through a special series of sessions sponsored by Alberta Innovates in conjunction with industry partners.

June 3rd-5th 2020


Horticulture lighting

The perihelion lighting system developed by G2V Optics is the most advanced responsive indoor cultivation system.  Using data science, real-time responsive feedback, and the most accurate LED illumination we encourage faster, more nutritious growth.

We wanted to bring the perihelion to AGRI Tech Venture Forum to show everyone why indoor horticulture lighting is so important, and how the perihelion’s highly accurate system can empower growers better than anything else.

Horticulture Lighting


Learn how our Pico and Sunbrick products replicate solar light and can advance your work.

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