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LED Grow Lights

Adjustable Spectra

Our technology is built with an adjustable spectra enabling it to meet the needs of all plant varieties being grown to optimize yield.

"One-Click-Sun" Software

Using One-Click-Sun™ software allows you to simulate the natural sunlight intensity as it's changing in time.

Ultra-low Power Use

Our horticulture lighting's ultra-low power use and low excess heat generation truly provides value for any horticulture lighting setup.

LED Solar Simulator


Our solar simulators offer the highest degree of spectral adjustability and accuracy. Used by researchers in botany, photovoltaics, and other solar resource fields.

Total Control

Adjustable, tunable, programmable spectra software controlled to meet any need. The ultimate tool in spectral technology.

Solar Cell Testing

Optional modules which perform full electrical characterization of your devices including Current-Voltage and External Quantum Efficiency testing.

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