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Sunbrick™ Large Area AAA LED Solar Simulator

You require a large AAA solution for your needs. Our solar simulator can help you change the world.

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A Large Area AAA LED Solar Simulator To Scale To Your Needs

Never Sacrifice Growth For Scale Again

Your day to day requires reliable light as stable as the sun to ensure the utmost confidence in your testing. The closer to the sun’s spectrum the better. Your existing lighting choice might allow you to test your samples and devices but how often do you have to spend valuable research time calibrating, replacing, or maintaining it?

Tinkering with filters, shutting down the machine to swap another expensive bulb, just to fire back up and realize your spectrum hasn’t changed. The maddening frustration of large-area testing can make for long days with little to show for it.

What if you could click a few buttons and change the spectrum from AM1.5G to AM0?

This would mean no filter changes, no exhaustive warm-up times, no manual recalibration, and no bulbs to test every 1000 hours, all while maintaining AAA classification. You can get back to changing the future in seconds, for hours, days, or even months at a time.

Welcome to high end AAA LED solar simulators. Welcome to The SunBrick™

Compare Sunbrick Models

Large-Scale AAA Solar Replication for Every Application


to ASTM E927, IEC 60904-9, and JIS C8912 standards

400 nm - 1100 nm Spectral Range

34 Channels


to ASTM E927, IEC 60904-9, and JIS C8912 standards

350 nm - 1200 nm Spectral Range

35 Channels


to ASTM E927, IEC 60904-9, and JIS C8912 standards

400 nm - 1500 nm Spectral Range

29 Channels


to ASTM E927, IEC 60904-9, and JIS C8912 standards

400 nm - 1500 nm Spectral Range

36 Channels

Sunbrick Configurations

Stand Configurations To Fit Your Large Area Needs

No two lab spaces are identical your mounting options of a solar simulator should be as unique

Do You Require A Custom Stand To Fit Your Space?

We provide custom solutions from glovebox to horizontal mounting options and any other configuration you may require.

Our Engineering team can assist you in tackling your big problems!

Sunbrick Class AAA LED Solar Simulator

Benefits of LED Illumination

Minimal Warmup Time
No Bulb Replacement
No Explosive Bulb Failure
No Manual Calibration

Knowledge is Power

The SunBrick™ Deep Dive


Solar Spectral Match

Exceeding Class A Standards To Match Your Needs

Your light requirements are guided by the minimums set forth by ASTM E927, IEC 60904-9, or JIS C8912 Standards. But your solar simulator shouldn’t be satisfied with the minimums required. The Sunbrick™ offers a high-consistency, high-precision spectral mismatch of less than 5% to exceed Class A requirements by a factor of 5 from the standards above. 

Your ideas are forward-thinking, shouldn’t your primary testing instruments be too? 

Our experts love talking about your lighting needs and you will love the no pressure consultation.

Unlock Instrument Flexibility. Unlock Your Variable Spectra.

The rigorous procedures you put all your products through during testing allows your findings to be verifiable, accurate, and repeatable. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer feel like you have to fight your lighting instrument to be the same?

Every Sunbrick™ comes with the Variable Spectra module, which unlocks full spectral control using software-controlled intensity manipulation. The few clicks spoken about earlier is also known as adjustable, dynamic, and programmable spectra. This enables control of up to 36 LED channels to replicate virtually any solar condition on or off the earth.

Spend less time fighting your calibration and take confidence knowing your lighting instrument isn’t making your experimental process riddled with uncontrolled variables.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All. Neither Does The PV Standard Testing Sizes.

Lab testing flexibility shouldn’t be a topic of discussion. It should be a given. As needs and requirements change, you shouldn’t be worrying about switching to test from research-grade solar cells to M12*.
It should just be a given.

* M12 illumination area may require additional Sunbrick calibration effort to ensure Class A spatial non-uniformity. Please contact us for further details.

G2V Optics Solar PV Wafer Cell Sizes - M0-M12

Tileable Large Area

Your Large Scale Is Truly Large Scale. Sounds Like You Need An Array Configuration.

Sometimes you just need to bathe an area in reliable sunlight indoors. Our advanced Engineered Sunlight™ for larger illumination areas can accommodate this. With its innovative tileable design, the Sunbrick is scalable to whatever illumination area you require without sacrificing spectral match, uniformity, or temporal stability. Your future needs are no longer limited by traditional solar technology.

Each brick illuminates a 25 cm x 25 cm area, certified to Class A spatial non-uniformity for 20 cm x 20 cm*, with a 50 cm working distance. Multiple Sunbricks™ are easily mounted and networked together in arrays to provide illumination as large as required. We can calibrate multiple simulators in tandem to ensure synchronicity before shipment to multiple sites.

You are building past the horizon. Your LED illumination should be just as large.

* Contact G2V Optics if you require a larger Class A area, and we can work with you toward a solution that meets your needs.


Meet changing field conditions

Network Control for Infinite Flexibility

Research can take unexpected paths. You need to be ready to adjust to keep moving forward.

Sunbricks are easily connected to networks. Our software allows you to control all Sunbricks on a network together, or tweak individual Sunbricks.

Tune the global intensity of all your Sunbricks, boost a wavelength channel for them, or go in and tweak individual bricks or channel intensities – the Sunbrick gives you free and flexible control over your large-area solar simulation.

FCT-650SE: Steady-State Light I-V Testing

Sinton Advanced PV Characterization Package

You’re a Photovoltaics Expert who takes PVs to the next level. Our Sinton partnership takes the best in light and blends it with unrivaled characterization.

A turn key solution with standard cell results plus Suns-Voc, Max Power Point tracking and Silicon lifetime in this advanced system. Need advanced measurements specific to perovskite on silicon tandem? Silicon? Encapsulated minimodules? This advanced system has additional options to fit your needs.
Keithley 2400 Standard Series SMU

Keithley Source Measurement Unit Bundle

You need to accurately characterize current and voltage under high-quality sunlight. We’ll provide what you need in one customized package.

For IV characterization of solar cells, we can include the Keithley SMU2400 along with a permanent license for its IV software, which you can run alongside the Sunbrick software on the included laptop. You have needs we have solutions.

Keithley Source Measurement Unit Bundle

IV Measurement System for Complete PV Testing

You need to accurately characterize current and voltage under high-quality sunlight. We’ll provide what you need in one customized package.

For IV characterization of solar cells, we can include the Keithley SMU2400 along with a permanent license for its IV software, which you can run alongside the Sunbrick software on the included laptop.

Keithley 2400 Standard Series SMU

Sunbrick Solar Simulator

General Specifications


Investigate the Details

For the latest information on the Sunbrick large area LED solar simulator, please download the LED Solar Simulation Brochure.  

Included is everything you need to know about the Sunbrick as well as a complete specification sheet. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Sunbrick FAQs

Have questions about large area LED solar simulators?

Get the answers you need to create solutions that can change the world. 

With the variable spectrum software included with every Sunbrick, you gain the ability to individually adjust up to 36 LED channels (depending on the model). The spectral width of each LED varies, but a general rule of thumb is that the bandwidth is 10% of the peak wavelength in nm. For example, an LED with a peak at 400 nm has an approximate bandwidth of 40 nm, while a 1000 nm LED has an approximate bandwidth of 100 nm. Depending on your application, this LED bandwidth may be suitably monochromatic for testing specific wavelength dependencies.

The standard single-Sunbrick stand is intended for vertical use, and may not perform well in a horizontal configuration. If horizontal mounting is essential for your application, please get in touch so we can better understand your needs.

Any of the Sunbrick models with “UV” in their name contain light from 350 nm to 400 nm. The advantage of this wavelength range is that it does not produce ozone; however, if you require UV light below 350 nm, we do not currently offer that in any of our products. If wavelengths below 350 nm are of interest to you, please let us know so we can prioritize in our ongoing product development roadmap.

There is a Python API for controlling the Sunbrick through Python scripting, as well as  a LabView DLL and example VIs, all of which allow for automation. Both the Python API and the LabView DLL provide the ability to turn channels on and off, load spectra, and more, without the need to use G2V’s graphical interface. For more detailed information and examples of methods and properties, please get in touch.

G2V Optics’ solar simulators are suitable for testing the following solar cell technologies: crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, perovskite, multijunction, tandem, gallium arsenide (GaAs), cadmium telluride (CdTe), dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), organic photovoltaics (OPV), inorganic solar cells, quantum dots, copper-indium gallium selenide (CIGS), thin-film solar cells based on kusachiite (CuBi2O4), and most other thin-film, multicrystalline, concentrator and/or heterostructure solar cells.

The Sunbrick can be used for testing multijunction devices, however, accurate testing requires proper validation for that specific design of multijunction device. G2V is currently unable to validate the Sunbrick for out-of-the-box performance and calibrated output for use with multijunction-based solar devices due to the lack of standardization among the formulations and designs of these devices. Different junction designs will sample different portions of the solar spectrum and have their own spectral responsivities, potentially resulting in spatial non-uniformity and spectral mismatch characterization outside of the Class A standards for those junctions and spectral responsivities.

Thus G2V recommends that customers working with multijunction cells perform their own validation on-site in order to ensure their G2V product is performing to the customers’ desired standards for specific junctions.

If you are willing to submit a sample of your device that you want to be tested prior to the purchase of a Sunbrick, it is possible for G2V to calibrate a unit for that device for an extra fee. Contact us for more information

Knowledge Base

Our Expertise. Your Home Base.

We make sure that our customers have access to resources that help them understand applications, standards, and how our products exceed them. Visit the knowledge base to learn more about the Solar Simulator Pricing, Class AAA standards, Photovoltaics and much more.

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Our Experts Are Available to Answer Your Remaining Questions.

You’re an expert in your field and we are experts in solar simulation, we’re here to affirm your lighting needs are met.

Large Area projects are never straight forward. As the scale of your application grows so do the errors that can unknowingly creep into your applications.Your lighting’s reliability and validity due to dimming bulbs, ongoing field calibrations, and mismatched spectras shouldn’t be part of those errors.

The Sunbrick and our other products have been created by researchers and scientists from years of experience dealing with the frustration in labs and industry. The growing need and demand to have controllable lighting is finally being addressed by people who understand your resentment in the status quo instruments.

In the end your projects and research matter. Whether you need illumination in a confined space or in your entire testing facility, the Sunbrick and G2V Optics can provide the high-quality solar simulation solutions and the lighting expertise you require.


Download our Sinton Advanced Characterization Brochure

For the latest information on the Sinton FCT-650Se please download the Advanced Characterization Specs. Included is everything you need to know about the Sinton/G2V advanced characterization bundle.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Download our Comprehensive Solar Simulation Brochure

For the latest information on the Sunbrick large area solar simulator please download the LED Solar Simulation Brochure. Included is everything you need to know about the Sunbrick, as well as a complete specification sheet. If you would like to know more please get in touch.